At GD Waldner, we create spaces conducive to innovations that pave the way for future of healthcare, science, nutrition, education, and industry. Our state-of-the-art facility combines German design and technology with over 4 decades of experience in the Indian industry to meet your end-to-end laboratory needs with unparalleled emphasis on safety & energy efficiency.
From design and installation to maintenance and repairing services - we provide a complete range of turnkey lab solutions tailored to a wide range of industries including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, and education. At GD Waldner, we work with you to create the birthplace of your next scientific breakthroughs.

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Turnkey Lab Solutions

At GD Waldner, we are a one-stop solution for customized laboratory spaces. Our complete range of MEP solutions, including HVAC, gas piping, electricals, interiors, and BMS, are designed to optimize for safety, technology and energy and cost-efficiency.

Starting with a detailed assessment of work flows, operations, and requirements, all the way up to planning and execution – we are accountable and committed to giving you a truly Turnkey Solution to create the birthplace of your next scientific breakthrough.

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Laboratory Fume Hoods

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We understand that fume hoods are a critical safety device to protect scientists and researchers from exposure to toxic and potentially fatal chemical vapours. At GD Waldner, our German engineered SI3 Fume hoods, offer the highest degrees of safety and energy efficiency in the lab. Tested in accordance with the ASHRAE and EN guidelines and designed to optimize for aesthetics and ergonomics, the SI 3 pushes the boundaries of fume cupboard technology.

Imported from Germany, the Secuflow range of fume hoods offers a fume hood for every application. Our unique AC4 fume chamber and room controller provides a comprehensive solution with the fastest controller response time and full integration with Building Management Systems.

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Laboratory Furniture

GD Waldner laboratory furniture is dynamic like your ever-evolving needs. Designed in Germany and tested in accordance with SEFA and EN Standards, our cabinets, benches, sinks, sliding cabinets, special cabinets, service modules and chemical storage cabinets come together to create a functional and aesthetic lab space that is tailored to your needs. The flexibility and modular concept creates unlimited possibilities to help craft the best lab for every application. Our furniture is available in both metal and laminate to help you further customize the functionality and appearance of your lab.

Our mobile units and highly agile services supplies future-proof your lab design and allow you to seamlessly adapt to changing requirements.

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People working together on a vision-board

We understand that labs are high-stakes, fast-paced environments where every second counts and downtime can have severe implications. At GD Waldner, we work on the core principle of lifetime partnerships to provide agile service and support throughout the life cycle of the lab. We refer to clients as partners – and we truly mean it.

Whether it is annual maintenance, breakdown repair, spare parts replacement or user training workshops, GD Waldner Service stands ready to ensure that you can always optimize lab performance. With a regional service presence across India and supported by global customer support from Germany, we are here for you.

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