Functionality and clean aesthetics for your lab utilities

Service modules are crucial in laboratories: they supply the entire room with all the services that scientists need for their work. These service modules not only have to bring the utilities to the workbenches and fume hoods in an organized manner, but they also have to be ergonomically designed for easy use by the scientists.

The service spine forms the basis of workplaces in laboratories. It offers a wide range of options for designing the individual working area, enabling it to be quickly changed and retrofitted with ease. The accessory rail under the service panel accommodates useful elements, transforming the laboratory workstation into your very own individual working area. 

The reagent racks are height adjustable as per user requirements and tested in accordance with SEFA 10. The service panels can be quickly replaced, and retrofitted or converted in an instant. Supply lines for water and compressed air can be quickly extended and installed, thanks to a plug-in coupling system – without any significant disruption to laboratory operation.

The flexible and adaptable range of service module solutions from GD Waldner helps to create a cleaner, functional, and future-ready lab space.

Ergonomic working practices with service modules in laboratories

Service modules


Bench-mounted reagent racks and service ducts 

The bench-mounted service duct can be used to supply benches with services.

  • Tool-free assembly of supplementary service duct element fittings
  • Height adjustable shelves 
  • Overhead utility options through service carriers 
  • Clean and functional design, with optional SEFA 10 compliant load-bearing capabilities
  • Integration of all extraction points, including sockets and multiple connectors for IT


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Service column

Our service column, which acts as a compact service supply, guarantees transparent space design.

  • One- or two-sided design
  • Standalone service dropper options
  • Integration with bench-mounted reagent racks and service ducts



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Service spine

As a stand-alone unit, the service spine represents the floor-standing supply source and is combined with freely selectable bench frames to form a wall bench or double bench.

  • Diverse variation and fast alteration options
  • Modular mounting of spine components on the multi-purpose upright
  • Tool-free assembly of supplementary service duct element fittings


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Service duct element

As an alternative to the service spine, the height of the service duct element can be varied and installed directly on walls or connected to a service spine on the wall. Also equipped with panel technology and accessory rail to equip as required.

  • Integration of all extraction points, including sockets and multiple connectors for IT
  • Extension and adaptation of the service supply, thanks to clip-in service panels
  • Use in service spines, service wall ducts, suspended service booms, service columns and bench-mounted service ducts
  • Tool-free assembly of supplementary service duct element fittings


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Suspended service boom

Designed to be suspended freely from the ceiling of the laboratory, suspended service booms can also be used for layout design independent of the service. They can also be equipped with removable service panels and accessory rails.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Modular fastening of suspended service boom fittings on the supporting construction
  • Design versions for genetic engineering areas (S1-4 levels)
  • Tool-free assembly of supplementary service duct element fittings


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Service wing

The service wing uniquely defines freedom in the laboratory: it provides maximum flexibility by being the central furniture element in which all services, such as mechanical services, electricity, IT, energy-saving lighting, extract air and also waste water disposal are integrated.

  • Spatial service technology development in laboratories
  • Service supply and disposal through the ceiling
  • Laboratory benches and sinks under the service wing
  • Laboratory furniture on mobile tables or underbench units
  • Tool-free assembly of supplementary service wing fittings
  • 4 independent and freely combinable expansion stages

Modular services for laboratory service modules.

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