Bild:  The Tri-color is an impressive piece of technology designed to help keep our laboratories safer - the Tri-Color Airflow Visualizer

The Tri-color is an impressive piece of technology designed to help keep our laboratories safer - the Tri-Color Airflow Visualizer. 

A Tri-Color Airflow Visualizer, in simple terms, is a cutting-edge tool designed to help users visualize the airflow inside a fume hood. If you’ve ever struggled to know if your fume hood is working as efficiently as it should, this handy device is here to turn that guesswork into a thing of the past.

This Visualizer uses a combination of Haze and Laser light curtains to help you visualize the airflow within the fume hood. You guessed it, Tri-Color – Uses three colours of lasers to give you a more visual experience. The blue shows you a cross-section of the vortex, the red shows what is happening on the backside of the sash and the green shows the loss of containment. 

1.  Enhanced Visibility with Haze and Laser Curtains: Using Haze (a thin fog) we gently interject haze into the vortex of the hood. When laser light curtains are added you can now see the airflow and the turbulence. Seeing is believing.

2.  Problem-Solving through Visualisation: By making the airflow visible we can better understand what is happening in and around the hood and if there is a loss of containment we can see. The results of this visualization are more actionable than a standard ASHRAE 110 test.

3. Real-Time Assessment for Dynamic Challenges: One of the best features of the Tri-Color Visualizer is that it provides real-time visual results when dynamic tests are performed. These challenges are real-life stresses placed on hoods on a regular basis. And for the first time, we can see how the user's actions impact performance. This immediate feedback helps users adjust their operations and work practices to ensure maximum safety.

4. User-Friendly Training Tool: For those new to the lab or in training, the visualizer provides a straightforward, intuitive way to understand if they are using the fume hood correctly.

5. Enhanced Safety: By giving a clear, visible indication of safety levels, the Tri-Color Visualizer significantly enhances overall fume hood safety.

In essence, the Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer is all about translating complex airflow dynamics into an easy-to-understand, visual format. It’s a vivid example of how technology can help us make our labs safer and more efficient.





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